While you might be familiar with the signs of a male player (heck, you might even consider yourself one), it is harder to distinguish when you are being played by a woman. Whether you just don't want to admit it, or you are that blind to her games, there are similar signs to the rarer species of female player. If you realize that all of these signs match up with your woman, you are being played.

She won't change her myspace status. Everyone knows that we clamor to declare our status on facebook and myspace. If she hasn't changed it, there is a reason.

She shuts her phone off when around you. Whether it never seems to ring when you are around or you catch her slyly turning it off when in your presence, she is not just being polite--she is dodging her other calls.

She scans the room when with you out in public and somehow knows all of the bartenders (everywhere). Either she is a huge party girl or she frequents the bars on her many dates.

The romantic lines she uses seem to have been rehearsed. You feel like you have heard what she tells you a million times before, maybe from a movie. Next time, google her line and see which movie she got it from. Find a similar one and throw it back at her.

She has a very large amount of male "friends" who call her frequently. Please, no woman has that many male friends.