Who says Americans eat too much?

The folks at Hardee's certainly don't think so. If a Big Mac or a Whopper leaves you craving more, check out the Monster Thickburger.

The Thickburger contains 1,420 calories and over 105 grams of fat - more than your average fashion model. It has 2/3 of a pound of beef (conveniently placed in two 1/3-pound patties), four strips of bacon, three slices of cheese, slathered with mayo over (Atkins be damned) a buttered bun. All four of the basic fat groups.

Add fries and a pop, and you don't have to eat for the rest of the day. It's more than a full day's supply of calories. In fact, the burger has nearly twice as many calories as a McDonald's Double Quarter-Pounder with cheese.

Why go fat in the nation of thin awareness? To go against the grain.

"Not every product has to be aimed at the health-conscious," Andy Puzder, president of Hardee's parent company CKE said.

Apparently not. Since the Thickburger menu came about 18 months ago, sales have gone up.

"We want Hardee's to be known as the place for big, juicy, decadent burgers," Puzder said.

Decadence works. Think about that the next time you order a salad for lunch.