When two ideas merge together, we usually call it ingenious and wonder how life ever existed when the two ideas were separate entities. This can now be said about the merging of the daunting task of lawn work and the always appreciated view of a woman in her bikini.

A Memphis company called Tiger Time Lawn Care knows what their customers want, and it's a little eye candy along with their lawn cutting service. Owner Lee Cathey is definitely one of the smartest men in the lawn care business. Not only does he offer the usual cuts, trims, clean-ups, etc., but he also gives customers the choice of having sexy, bikini-clad women mow their lawn instead of the usual lawn crew.

There are a few advantages to utilizing Cathey's service. For one, you don't have to schlep your sorry ass out into the heat to mow your own lawn. Another is that you don't have to worry about buying and maintaining a mower. And, you can save a few bucks on skin mags during the season because you will have hot, sexy women getting all sweated up right in your own yard for your viewing pleasure.

If you decide that you want the Bikini Cut, then call them up and schedule an appointment. But, because of its increasing popularity, make sure to give them at least 24 hours to get you scheduled. When the girls arrive, you can either hide out in your house and peep at them through the blinds, or you can be like a lot of customers that Cathey has encountered and grab your fave beer and a lawn chair and park your butt on your porch so you can watch without shame. If you plan to do the latter, at least be a nice guy and offer the girls a drink or a snack.

Tiger Time Lawn Care should not only be commended for offering the Bikini Cut service that most men only dreamed about, but also for offering free mowing for the spouse of anyone who is currently serving in Iraq. If you want to learn more about the Bikini Cut service, or want to watch an, um, informative video, check out the company's Web site.

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