We all know that Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro aren't shy about letting people know just how hot they are in the bedroom. Now something new has been revealed.

It seems that Electra is having an aerial circus hoop installed so she can excite her hubby with X-rated tricks she learned at circus school. It has been reported that Electra has been taking circus arts lessons. She also remarked that she can't wait to show off her new, um, skills to Navarro while completely naked.

She was quoted by Femalefirst as saying, "You can pull yourself up on it and it spins. You can do all these sexy moves. I take a class. It's a circus school. I'm getting one for the house."

Electra recently showed off her new circus school skills on the Tonight Show, much to the surprise and shock of Jay Leno and another guest, actor Rob Schneider.