Casino Royale will theaters very soon, marking the 21st movie in the James Bond franchise. We all know that Daniel Craig is set to play Bond, but how much do you really know about the movie? Here are some tidbits you probably didn't knowat least until now!

John Travolta said no' to the role of Bond. We all knew that they had a hard time choosing the next Bond girl, considering actresses like Angelina Jolie and Charlize Theron before finally choosing Eva Green. The same held true for James Bond himself. John Travolta, Colin Farrell, and Clive Owen were in the running before the role went to Daniel Craig.

In addition to having a hard time getting into the role, and also losing a few teeth while filming a fight scene, Daniel Craig was also unable to drive Bond's famous Aston Martin. That's right, he didn't know how to drive a stick shift!

This leads to the next fact. Although he will still drive the Aston Martin, which he can now handle, you'll see Bond cruising around in a less flashy Ford Mondeo. It has been rumored that the car company paid a lot of money to have the car in the film.

Did you know that Paul Haggis rewrote the script? Although Neal Purvis and Robert Wade, the guys who also wrote Die Another Day, are credited with writing Casino Royale, it is typical of big budget movies to also have several uncredited rewrites. Paul Haggis, an Oscar winner known for Crash and Million Dollar Baby, is one of them. It isn't known how much his rewrites will be used, but he has still stayed close to the movie. Haggis was also the man who revealed that they hadn't yet chosen a Bond girl while the casting process was going on.

Last, but not least, since Daniel Craig is blonde, people have dubbed him James Blonde. After reading the above we know that Craig hasn't been the typical Bond so far, and now he is also known for a couple of firsts, such as being the first blonde actor to play the role. He is only the second actually British actor to play Bond, with Roger Moore being the first. Craig is also the first actor to have been born after the series started, but he isn't the youngest, George Lazenby, who was 30 at the time, was.