The Castlevania video game franchise is considered a classic to many. While the current releases bearing the name don't hold up to there old school counterparts, the originals on NES and even Super NES, they still have a fan base. Though in the video game world you can't really go wrong with a guy hunting vampires with a sword and whip, the movie realm is a little different.

With plans recently announced for a film adaptation of the game, we really can only wonder if another movie about vampire hunting is really what we need. Yes, the video game series is a classic, and maybe a few years ago before the whole boom of video game/comic movies swept the film industry it might have worked. But in a market drowned in zombies, vampires, werewolves, and pretty much anything that goes "bump in the night", they might be beating a dead horse (so to say).

Not making matters any better is that Paul WS Anderson has signed on not only to direct, but to write the story as well. Remember, this is the guy who directed ALIEN VS PREDATOR and RESIDENT EVIL. Which can only lead one to think that if he couldn't pull off either of those flicks, what can he do with CASTLEVANIA? Though he did bring us MORTAL KOMBAT back in '95, which at the time was pretty cool, you still have a right to be skeptic. This will be one to watch for, if only to hear that it doesn't go into production.