You just got dumped. Unfortunately, what you're probably dwelling on are all the things that being single means in a negative light, but why not take the time to celebrate all the good ones? That's right, just because your single doesn't mean your life is over. Instead of wallowing in pity, find reasons to celebrate.

You once again have your freedom. That means no more having to check in when you're out with the guys, or having to ask if you can go in the first place. And you won't have to remember to call to check in anymore.

You can date anyone you want, when you want, and where you want.

You can eat or drink whatever you want without worrying about your girlfriend making you feel bad for your poor habits.

You can shamelessly flirt with the hot yoga instructor at the gym, the sexy girl who always seems to ride in the elevator with you at work, the hottie who serves you your coffee at Starbucks...without feeling guilty.