In two weeks, the provocative film Children of Men is getting ready to be released on DVD and HD-DVD on March 27, 2007. Acclaimed director Alfonso Cuaron, who also directed Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban, delivers an intense, stimulating thriller in this futuristic tale.

The film's stars, Clive Owen and Julianne Moore, deliver powerful performances and veteran supporting actor Michael Caine demonstrates why he has been given the Best Actor Award by the New York Critics and has won multiple Academy Awards. The film also features talented newcomers Clare-Hope Ashitey, Charley Hunnam, and Chiwetel Ejiofor.

Set in London in 2027, Children of Men is based on a science-fiction novel about a society whose women are no longer able to have children. It has been 18 years since the last child was born and Theo (Clive Owen), finds himself in the dangerous and humanity-saving position of ushering the only pregnant woman out of London to safety. In effect, Theo is the human race's last hope and he must risk everything to deliver the miracle that the world has been hoping and praying for.

Nominated for three Academy Awards, Children of Men is an exciting race against time. It is an original, thought-provoking topic presented by talented actors and an equally talented director. A film that you can watch with your buddies or your girl, the fast pace will keep you locked on your TV and the exhilarating action will make you want to watch it a second time. This is a must have for any guy, so put it in your DVD collection next to Good Will Hunting and Braveheart.

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