Guys usually have a special bond with their moms; some of you might even still call them mommy, which is pretty creepy. Whether you are close or never call, it is important to let them know you care this Mother's Day. If you are in a relationship, your woman will be impressed if you also think about her mom this year, and, no, we aren't talking about that kind of thinking.

This is an opportunity to get in good with her family, and to ensure that you get a little something special yourself from your girlfriend. If you don't get along with her mom, now is the time to kiss and make-up (disregard this if she is a milf). Moms are simple. The first thing you need to do is get her a card. The key is to find something that's sweet, but can't send any mixed messages or end up somehow insulting her. This means that you should stay away from any overly sappy cards or any that are in the humor section. To avoid potential card disaster, stick with a card that either has a simple Happy Mother's Day message in it or a blank card that you can fill in yourself. If you are going to venture into gift territory, shop carefully. Make sure to ask your girlfriend if there is anything inparticular that her mothers wants or would like to have. If she has no clue, stick with candles, candy, flowers, or a frame. Avoid lingerie, sex toys or naked pictures of yourself.

If your girl wants to see her mom for the big day, you should put some extra time into planning something nice. If your outing will be a surprise, it's a good idea that you check with your girlfriend first to find out just what kind of stuff her mom likes to do. Hopefully, your girlfriend will make the plans herself, but if not, try to stick to neutral activities: going out for a meal, cooking one yourself, or even taking her out for a day of shopping.

If her mom lives far away, or even out of state, you can still make a good impression by sending her something thoughtful. Call a florist in her area and have a beautiful arrangement delivered, or send a care-package that includes several of her favorite things. Really, anything you do, as long as it's thoughtful, not too over the top, and doesn't include anything raunchy, will make you look good.

Tip: In case you were concerned with spending amounts, a survey conducted by BIGresearch, said consumers plan on spending nearly $16 billion in total in 2007, with the average shopper forking out $139.14 on a Mother's Day gift, up from an average of $122.16 from last year.