We've seen them everywhere advertising just about anything--scantily clad men and women larger than life on a roadside billboard. But, do seeing those images while you drive distract you enough to affect your driving?

Close to a quarter of British motorists have admitted that they have been so distracted by such billboards that they have dangerously veered from their lane.In this recently released research, one in five men have said that they have diverted their eyes to look at scantily clad women on a billboard. However, only one in 10 women were affected by the sight of a scantily clad man on a billboard.

"There is a growing body of concern about the lack of any coherent strategy for arranging roadside furniture," stated Mark Young, an expert in transport ergonomics at Brunel University.Young stated that such advertising could cause a significant risk of distracting drivers at crucial times, such as when taking a difficult turn.

"In fact, this risk is probably underestimated and we need to do more research on the possibility of excluding non-essential information when the driver is already busy dealing with the road."

So guys, next time you see a Victoria's Secret billboard with sexy models showing off the latest push-up bra, make sure to keep your eyes on the road, not their breasts!