The Bentley is the ultimate status symbols that one can own. Unfortunately, it is also one very few people can afford. If you're not Diddy, but you want to own a piece of the Bentley name, skip the Apple store and get the Bentley Laptop.

Ego Lifestyle has created the laptop inspired by the sweet ride for Bentley Motors. Although you can't cruise the streets with the laptop, you can surely surf the web in style. Created to resemble the car, the metal case features a curved design with a carrying handle that is similar to the car's door handle. In addition, the lid is covered with hand-stitched leather to give the look and feel of the car's interior. The laptop is also color coordinated with the car.

While the aesthetics are unlike any laptop, the computer itself is fairly standard. The screen measures only 12.1 inches, but what it lacks in size it makes up for with up-to-date features. You'll find a 1.8 GHz, 64-bit AMD processor, a whopping 160 GB hard drive, graphics powered by an ATI Radeon Xpress 200M, the Ultimate Edition of Microsoft Vista, a DVD/RW drive, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Media Center, and a webcam.

One feature that truly allows the Bentley Laptop to stand apart from the rest is the numbered plate that shows everyone that you are lucky enough to have snagged one of the 250, limited edition units created. And, with the Bentley name comes a great pricetag; the laptop will set you back about $20K.

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