Have a thing for cute nurses in uniform? Well, next time you are in Taipei, look for D.S. Music Restaurant and fulfill your fantasy while dining. Themed as a hospital, D.S. Music Restaurant not only has hot eye candy, but they will give you the same attention they would at a real hospital. Enema not included.

When customers visit the oddly themed restaurant, they don't get seated at the usual table. Instead, up to 10 people are seated around a bed and only 130 lucky people can be seated in the restaurant at one time. The decor includes a wheelchair in the lobby and crutches hanging on the walls. If you have to relieve yourself, just follow the sign for the emergency room. You are served by waitresses dressed in nurse uniforms and accessorized with a pair of bunny ears. If that is not sexy enough, the place also has showgirls who perform on the weekends.

When patrons order a drink, the glasses are filled via an IV drip from a transparent vat that is suspended from the ceiling. So, why go to all the trouble to open up a restaurant whose theme reminds patrons of what is considered to be one of the most unpleasant places around? "Food is hard to compete with other restaurants, so the part we emphasize is service," said Ou Chia-hao, the restaurant's assistant manager and also the 29-year-old owner's brother. "In Taipei, pressure on people is high, and they want a place near home where they can feel relaxed."

The owner spent a mere $150,760 to open his eatery. His motives? It was pretty much a thank you to those at the hospital who cared for him during treatment for a liver ailment. Ou also mentioned that there are plans underway for two more branches of the eatery that will open towards the end of next year. While you have to travel all the way to Taipei to get serviced, you are gauranteed to receive the best attention you have ever gotten in a hospital.

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