Recently there have been an array of articles dealing with the current trials and tribulations of the Sony Corporation. First, the corporation got slapped with a $10 million fine for (get this) paying off radio stations to play their songs! This might explain the overload of Jessica Simpson and Shakira tunes lately.

More recently, a film critic by the name of "David Manning" has gotten them into even hotter water with consumers. Back in 2001, Mr. "Manning" was just an average film critic doing his job when it slowly came to light that, low and behold, there never was such a person!

Sony had fabricated this "Manning" character simply to help promote there movies that year. A Los Angeles Superior Court Judge ruled on the case against the large corporation and found them liable for $1.5 million to movie-goers. This applies to anyone who paid for admittance any of the "wonderful" films: HOLLOW MAN, VERTICAL LIMIT, A KNIGHT'S TALE and THE ANIMAL between August 3, 2001 and October 31, 2001.

Consumers will now be able to retrieve up to $5 back per attended film if they can provide proof of their purchase. The real question here is 'who actually saves a movie receipt from 2001?' Nonetheless, any money unclaimed by consumers will be donated to charity. Sony, however, has claimed absolutely no liability for the incident, regardless of the settlement.