It's that time again, when training camp is starting, and the next football season is right around the corner. It's also time to start getting ready for your fantasy football league.

We found a website that can help make your upcoming season a little easier. You won't have to use cheap poster board for your draft anymore. Nope, this year you can look professional with FJ Fantasy Sports' high-tech draft board. Ok, so it's not really high-tech. But it is really cool and can be found at

The board measures a whopping 3.5' x 9' and can hold a heck of a lot of information. It is made of strong, corrugated cardboard, so you know it will last through the whole season. The best part is that it's freestanding, so you won't have to worry about getting yelled at for ripping down paint with the tape you used to use to hold up your old board. You have the choice of standing it on a table, or using it in conjunction with the optional 20-inch stand.

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