Convenience stores have been, just as their name implies, convenient since the first one opened in 1927. It served customers 16 hours a day, from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m., eventually becoming known as the 7-11 Corporation.
The concept really began to gather popularity after WW2 when cars became popular.

In 1963 the worlds first 24-hour 7-11 opened, making way for different types of 24-hour accessible establishments.Today the concept has really grown with fully automated, 24-hour convenient stores, popular only overseas until now.

All Seasons Services unveiled the first Shop24 automated convenience store in the U.S., which until then consisted of only 160 stores in seven countries.

The very cool, and very convenient automated store offers around 200 items such as milk, soda, batteries, iPod download cards, personal items, and food. Right now it looks like college campuses get to have all the fun, but hopefully they will hit the streets soon, too.