If you haven't already heard, there will be a Saw III. In fact, Lion's Gate has recently released a teaser poster for the flick to let you know that it's on its way. Here's a little info on what to expect the third time around.

In this installment, Jigsaw is gone. Not actually out of the picture, though. He and his new apprentice Amanda, played by Shawnee Smith, have left town. The police are looking for him, but until they find him some gory fun and games will of course ensue.

It looks like Jigsaw is just about ready to kick the bucket in the movie, but before he does he plans to wreak some more havoc. After finishing her shift at the hospital, Dr. Lynn Denlon, played by Bahar Soomekh, is kidnapped and taken to the abandoned warehouse where Jigsaw lays bedridden. She is instructed to keep him alive long enough for another victim, Jeff (Angus Macfayden) to finish his game. Both try their hardest to keep themselves alive, but are unaware of the bigger plan he has for them.

Sorry, that's all for now. You'll have to wait until you see the movie for more! Don't' worry, you won't have to wait too long. Saw III is set to hit theaters this Halloween.