They say money can't buy happiness, but can it lead to a better sex life? A recent study conducted by well-known researchers Hannah Shaw Grove and Russ Alan Prince looked at the correlation between being very wealthy and having an exciting sex life. The people surveyed had a net worth of $89 million and each made more than $9 million a year. Which makes us surprised that they even had enough time to have sex, considering the hours they must spend signing checks and riverdancing on their piles of cash.

Of those surveyed, 84 percent of rich women and 63 percent of rich men claim that having money equals having better sex. 75 percent of men explained that due to their wealth, they were having sex with more partners more frequently than their less wealthy counterparts. Great, another reason to be jealous of rich guys. Wealthy women, on the other hand, claimed that the level of sex they were having was higher as a result of their inflated bank accounts and placed less importance on their number of partners.

To further annoy those of us who cannot purchase an island with the change in our couch, 72 percent of rich women and 33 percent of rich men are members of the mile high club. In their case, it's not that impressive--anyone can get laid on a plane if they own it. If you make $9 million a year, getting some mile high action is equal to a 17 year old getting some in the back of his mom's minivan.

The most interesting aspect of the study was the fact that 53 percent of the married men and 73 percent of the married women had an extramarital affair. More than half of those surveyed had been divorced at least once, which is not surprising when you look at how many were cheating. So while these horny, affluent cheaters may be having hot sex with multiple partners on sheets made of endangered albino gorilla fur as they fly to Bora Bora, they are not necessarily any happier as a result of it.

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