After Kanye's VMA shenanigans, it's no surprise that someone came up with a way to send an apology, Kanye-style. Unfortunately, the Generator only allows you to create a letter that West can use for future celebrity faux pas. Luckily there are similar types of apology generators for you to use for your own personal needs.

Give An Apology: Cheated? Lied? Don't rack your brain trying to think of a sincere apology that will make it all better. Instead, use the Bureau of Communication's Official Notice Formal Apology. It takes the guesswork out of telling someone just how sorry you truly are. The form just requires a few minutes of your time to complete. Print it out, fill in the blanks, send it on to whoever you've wronged, and wait for the forgiveness to pour in.

Get An Apology: Does someone owe you an apology, but just doesn't seem to want to own up to what they did wrong? Get it yourself by using the Apology Generator at While the apology won't actually come from the person who owes it, you can use the Mad Libs-esque form to get a little instant satisfaction yourself. Put in your name, the name of the person who owes you the apology, and what they did then click the button. You'll get an instant apology just like you deserve.

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