To get your next summer party the talk of the town, order the bbq-donut. The ultimate leisure concept for a completely new bar-b-que on the water. The donut fits 8 to 10 people and is the perfect "leisure island" for party lovers and experts with the grill tongs. (It can also be used as an individual bbq pavilion.)

Many of the bbq-donut's features are available in various colors, so you can customize yours to best fit your style and needs. If you plan on having a larger party, you can link several bbq-donuts together to make a fun, floating island of sorts.

The specs:

A foldable sunshade that is available in several colors and can be customized with your own graphics.

A round gas grill with various, additional inserts.

8 storage compartments.

An easy to board entrance.

Color and/or advertising shields that can be replaced.

Seating designed to not only be comfortable, but remain scratch-free.

A table top that has several compartments to keep drinks, plates, utensils, etc. from slipping around

A rechargeable outboard motor that can keep you cruising for up to 4 hours.
And much, much more.

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