Upon his death, Hugh Hefner plans to open his famous Playboy mansion to the paying public.Hefner, 79, who purchased the mansion in 1971 for $1 million, has agreed to turn his estate into a tourist attraction upon his demise.

Visitors will be able to tour the house's full grounds, including his monkey cage, bedroom, games room, and notorious 'grotto' where many famous stars have been rumored to have had a romp or two with Playboy Playmates.Hefner, however, does insist he has no plans on dying anytime soon since his mother lived to 101, but he is looking forward to his home living on after he has passed.

"The hope and intention is that it will continue after I'm gone and become a variation on Elvis' home, Graceland."In the meantime, Hef is letting the public take a look into his home for a new reality TV show. He will star in "The Girls Next Door" which will feature all aspects of his day to day life with him and his 3 live-in girlfriends.