In case you missed the best fake orgasm of all time, in When Harry Met Sally, Meg Ryan gave an outstanding performance that proved to men everywhere that women had honed their faking abilities way before the 80's. But is faking it just a female skill or do men know how to play the game just as well?

48 percent of the 9,100 men polled on the online dating site say that they too have faked an orgasm. "When it comes to faking orgasms, people assume that it's primarily done by women," says Ambrose Diaz, a contributing editor to Lavalife Magazine. "The poll we conducted on shows us that it's definitely not just women who are faking it, but a large number of men as well."

So, how do men do it? "Wearing a condom makes it easy," says Diaz. "According to my research, the men who have faked an orgasm without a condom just told their partners they didn't ejaculate very much." According to Diaz, there are many reasons men fake orgasms that are similar to those of women:

  • They are tired

  • They just want to be done already

  • They just aren't into sex that particular night

  • They thought they were going to lose their erection

  • They felt they were lacking an emotional connection

In comparison to the men, 82 percent of the 6,350 women who were surveyed say they have faked an orgasm. While it is obvious that women are faking it more, it is clear that men are well versed on how to play the game. If you are one of the fakers--you should take note. If you let her think she is great every time, then she will never learn how to do what you like. Women are hardwired to want to please their man, so you could try being honest and tell her your reasoning. Or, you could continue faking it and pray for the day to come again.