Maybe you've been Googled recently, or have Googled someone else. It's always reassuring to know that, if you have to, you can double-check (or double-click) someone's claims to fame or near-fame in a few seconds.

In Hollywood, where the dating scene has only slightly less turnover than the extras playing corpses on "CSI," the Internet Movie Database has become the proof of every actor's pudding., founded in Britain and now owned by Amazon, tracks nearly 1.6 million actors and production crew members in TV and movies. With such a large database, would-be and could-be thespians can no longer brag about being Guy #3, or give extensive talks on what Denzel is really like. It's the ultimate way to prove (or disprove) your career's trajectory.

Bree Turner, who has appeared in the movies "Sorority Boys" and "American Pie 2" (look her up - you might recognize her) said, "It is the premier dating vessel for Hollywood. You can find out if the schmo is lying when he said he just wrapped Soderbergh's next feature or was the indie darling at Sundance. And you can see if he was an ex-porn-star because IMDb will put everything you have ever done on celluloid up."

Yes. Goodness knows, no porn stars.

So, beyond a community theater version of "The Fantasticks" ( doesn't track stage appearances), you can find out that woman's name who you know you just saw in a Sunday night movie, or see if last night's date really does assist the producer in your second-favorite sitcom. Even better, the next time you see that model/actress friend of one of your friend's friends at a party, you can tell her how great she was as Screaming Girl #2 in the straight-to-video slasher flick.

"We're very familiar with the term 'IMDb me' as a business term," founder Col Needham said. "But to say that to a potential date is just quite an interesting use of a database. It's great to provide yet another service."