Finding a date can be pretty expensive and extremely time consuming, especially during a recession. Instead of blowing a ton of cash at the bar hoping to pick up a hottie or paying astronomical fees on dating sites, start saving in love and in money by looking for romance in different, less expensive places--like your own backyard.

A Friend of a Friend: Why have friends if they can't set you up with other friends? Since your friends know everything about you, who better to set you up with someone who could potentially be your soul mate? Just be sure that she isn't too close with your best friend's girl because you will have to see her again if things don't work out.

Your Gang: Take some tips from "Friends" and turn to the ones you already know. Although this can turn into an extremely ackward situation, it could also turn out to be great because she know you like the back of her hand. Plus, since you are already friends, you don't have to go to expensive means to impress her.

Inter-Office Dating: Why go searching for love when you have a ton of potential dates working alongside you 5-days-a-week from 9 to 5? Ask out the cute girl who smiles at you every morning in the elevator or the sexy secretary in the next office. You might already know a little about each other, so the awkward stage might be completely wiped out. Plus, heading down to the office cafeteria or brown-bagging it at a nearby park during your lunch hour makes for a cheap, fast, and fun date.