After being photographed looking rather skinny, Kate Hudson has sparked worries about her health.

Hudson's friends reportedly think that the actress needs to gain a few pounds after shedding a ton a weight following the birth of her son 20 months ago.One source revealed to Britain's Closer magazine: "Her friends think Kate has gone too far. She's now just skin and bone. She was once envied for her curvaceous body. She needs to put on weight."

Hudson recently admitted to participating in a grueling regime to lose the baby weight, and was so exhausted from it that she even broke down and cried on the treadmill.

"It was incredibly emotional. I did absolutely everything I could to get back in shape. I'd lose 20 lbs, then I wouldn't lose anything for two weeks. I'd be working out and working out, having no rewards. I was so tired, I'd cry on the treadmill."