It's been a mere five years since Jessica Simpson played the role of the Baptist minister's demure daughter while singing her bubblegum pop. Back then her songs weren't the only thing that was innocent. Then 19-years-old, she told the press that she planned to remain a virgin until marriage.

"I think innocence is sexy," she had said. "That's my image--that you can be sexy and innocent."However, today she is far from where she was then. It seems that she has shed the innocent façade and is just focusing on being sexy. Recently, she filmed a pretty steamy music video, gained a reputation for being a partyer, and she's also had to dodge rumors that she cheated on hubby Nick Lachey.

Simpson can be seen in the upcoming Dukes of Hazzard, playing the role of Daisy Duke. For the role, she underwent an extensive exercise and diet program, working out a grueling six days a week with a trainer and adhering strictly to the South Beach Diet.
This has resulted in a buff, lean, and quite sexy body, as well as a new demeanor.

Previously girlish and shy, she is not sultry and playful. Those who saw her on the set of her new "These Boots Are Made For Walkin'" video from the movie's soundtrack, have said she vamped it up for the cameras and the crew while wearing little more than tiny short-shorts and an even tinier bikini.