Kate Moss may be famous for her modeling career, but deep down she really want to go in another direction. She wants to be a rock star.Moss took to the stage with her rocker boyfriend, Pete Doherty, along with his band Babyshambles during a gig at Trinity College in Dublin.

According to a report from The Daily Mail, Moss climbed on stage about halfway through the night and grabbed a hold of a microphone."She started singing along. Surprisingly, she has a really good voice. She got a big cheer," stated one onlooker.

Moss's first public singing appearance came on her 31st birthday when she performed a karaoke version of the '60's hit, Leader of the Pack.

It has been said by insiders that Doherty is helping Moss to launch her own music career. As of right now, she is slated to perform alongside him at this year's Glastonbury music festival, and she is also rumored to be singing on his upcoming album."Kate loves singing and is a frustrated rock chick. She's already sung with Pete at her 31st birthday party and she really enjoyed it," stated another source.