While it might look like the LG Dare, which released earlier this year, the LG Versa is definitely not like any phone you've ever seen before. Short for versatility, the Versa offers you everything you need to keep you connected no matter where you are
When you first take the phone out of the box, you'll notice its sleek design and large, touch screen. The interactive touch screen, high speed HTML web browsing, and ability to have three different windows open at once make browsing the web as easy as can be. The RSS feed support and in line flash also make for a faster, eye-catching internet experience.
The phone offers a 3D screen interface and customizable screens so that you can organize and access your features much more quickly. Because it has a built-in accelerometer, the screen will easily rotate with your movements.
Making and receiving calls is done much like with other cell phones. The difference is that the Versa offers a visual voicemail option that allows you to listen to your messages in any order you choose.
If you're like most other people, texting is your main way of staying in touch with people. The Versa comes with an additional, snap-on QWERTY keyboard to making texting a breeze. Simply remove the original back cover, snap on the keyboard cover, and you'll be texting in no time. The QWERTY cover also changes the look of the phone, giving it a stylish, faux leather finish.
Gamers won't be able to get enough of the Versa because you can also buy an attachable game controller. Snap it on and you can play your favorite games anywhere you go. And, the controller will only set you back about thirty bucks!
Other awesome features include a 2 megapixel camera/camcorder with a flash, the ability to add a microSD card for extra storage, a music player, Bluetooth stereo capability, and more.
Visit http://www.LGversa.com/ to get full specs and enter to win a trip to Las Vegas aka Vice City, USA!