Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels was Guy Ritchie's directing and writing debut, though you may also know his previous work on such films as Snatch, Revolver, and the very forgettable Swept Away.

The film follows the story of 4 con-artist friends who manage to get themselves in a heap of trouble after Eddie, played by Nick Maron, finds himself owing huge amounts of money to a ruthless crime boss because of some bad card playing.

You've probabably seen the film already so to keep things interesting, we dispatched a double agent to dig up fun facts that you can drop at cocktail parties this weekend if you're really bored.

1) The crew managed to snag a cameo here and there. Remember the football commentary from the pub? Guy Ritchie and Matthew Vaughn, the producer, are both mentioned as players. You'll see Vaughn againhe's the guy that Dog drags from the car. Tim Maurice-Jones, the cinematographer, gets himself offed in the film when Barry the Baptist drowns him.

2) Speaking of Barry the Baptist, unfortunately the actor who played him, Lenny McLean, never got to see the debut in England. He died of cancer one month before that happened. To honor him, the movie is dedicated to him.

3) Love J.D.'s bar and wish you, too, could hang out there? You can. Just visit Farrington in London and look for Vic Naylors. It's the bar used in the film. The sign is obviously different, but the interior is exactly the same.

4) Anyone who's seen the film remembers when Nick the Bubble breaks the coffee table glass. Guess what, that wasn't supposed to happen. It was a mistake that Guy Ritchie must have liked, because he wrote it in later on.

5) Next time you watch Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, look for some of the goofs that were left in there. You'll find audio that doesn't match up with the video, dead guys who are still noticeably breathing, props that change, and body parts from crew members who managed to get themselves in the shot. Could be a good drinking game, don'tcha think?

The DVD will be available on October 3.

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