If recent activity has led you to start questioning the sobriety of your girl, there are a few tell-tale signs that will point you in the direction of the closest AA class. Here are the top 10 pointers to figure out whether you are dating a true alcoholicl. What you choose to do with the information is your own issue.

1. Her daily plans revolve around happy hour.

2. Her best friends are all bartenders, valet guys and bouncers.

3. All of her text messages are in another language or some kind of cryptic code.

4. She has "accidentally" slept with some of your friends.

5. Her Facebook page status updates all include the names Jim, Jack or Johnny.

6. People ask what is wrong with her when she is sober.

7. She can never remember where she parked her car.

8. Her nightly calls come from the nearby jail.

9. Her diet regime consists of pizza, beer and cigarettes.

10. She pees in your bed, closet and generally anywhere that is not the bathroom.