Every year football/gamer fans wait with baited breath for the new Madden to come out. Prior to its release, tidbits are always given away to whet your appetite. This year these tidbits are coming in the form of a one-hour pay-per-view event.

Make sure you don't have any plans for August 4, and that you have a spare 20 bucks laying around, because that's when EA Sports and ESPN plan to air the show at ESPN.com and on TV. For $19.95 you'll be able to watch as Inside Madden NFL 07 takes its viewers through the process of how the game was made, what happens behind the scenes at the EA Tiburon studios, and what the game's new features will entail.

You'll also get to learn the perspective of 5 gamers who traveled to Tiburon to catch a sneak peak of the all the action. In addition, Madden Challenge vets Jarvis Thomas, Dwayne Harrison, and Justin Chow, along with Will Kinsler, MaddenNation.com's co-owner, and Rod Winn, a Madden Nation participant, will discuss the game and talk with its developers. Also look for both current and former NFL players to discuss the new game. Cool!