If you are bored with your decor or are looking for a unique gift for someone you love, purchase some furniture that leaves a lasting impression--literally. Furniture's equivalent to a mood ring, the thermosensitive Swamp Collection launched in January, 2008 by Visual Reference Studio lets your heat and imagination run wild in the comfort of your home.

Visual Reference Studio designed the collection in order to change the way you sit from ordinary to extraordinary. The Swamp Collection consists of four thermosensitive stools and lounges that shift color in response to body heat. A simple touch activates each piece's color-changing crystals and leaves behind a temporary print of the hand or body in a contrasting color. Black changes to greenish blue and red changes to violet--the warmer the stool, the bluer it becomes.

Want a little more color or want to spread the technology around your house? Then add a few Please Touch Pillows to your existing furniture. Much like the lounges and stools, they change color when touched, but they also change color on their own when they are placed in a room that is a bit on the warm side. If you truly want to make your room as unique as possible, then you may want to consider adding the Touch Wall Panels. The 3D panels come in two sizes and also respond to touch and warm light, which can make for some interesting hot nights.

» Use Your Body.