Mancations aren't just for fishing trips anymore; rally up your buddies and plan a creative adventure that can include anything you want. If you aren't that creative, there is a web site out there dedicated to gathering as much manacation information possible to ensure that you and your friends have the time of your lives (even if you can't remember what happens on it).

"Our mission is to become the premier website for locating great vacations for you and your friends...Man Style." Around since 2006, the site has helped men find the information they need to find a getaway that is just for the guys. Not only does the site offer info on various types of mancations, they have made it a snap for men to navigate. You can easily find places that others have visited, as well as add some mancation information of your own so others can benefit from your, uh, fun.

"The site is set up so you can add content for the betterment of all who read. The website is much like an online community where you can add your own pages highlighting mancation related information. Once you sign up and become a registered user your user name can become your own web page to document your fun. Start adding your own content, photos, links to your youtube videos and more."

The best part about the site is that it doesn't just tell you where the best mancations are; It also helps you to find bars, pubs, and taverns that you and your friends will love, awesome gear to enhance your mancation, tips for setting up a home theater, good places for tailgating, recipes for man food, info on wine and cigars, etc. They even include a link that will take your girl to her very own pages so that she and her friends can also plan a getaway that doesn't include you.

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