When you're in a relationship, you may find yourself doing and saying things with your girlfriend you wouldn't normally do. Like, offering to go see the latest chick flick or oohing and aahing over the throw pillows she picked out for your couch. While it's ok to let your guard down and show a little bit more of your feminine side, if you really want to keep her around and interested, you have to learn how to still keep your emotions manly.

Tear Training

Women like a guy who isn't afraid to show his emotions. But, if you cry every time you see a commercial with puppies in it, she'll think you're a bit of a wuss. It's ok for a man to show when he's happy, excited, angry, or even sad (minus the tears). The key is to know how to do it all in a manly way. Tears are fine of some occasions, like when you find out about the death of a loved one or see your newborn baby for the first time. But, that's it. Save the tears for when you're alone.

Independence Is Key

Some guys want to spend every waking moment with their girlfriends, especially when the relationship is new. But, girls hate a clingy guy just as much as men do, so have your own life and activities, don't forget to make time for your friends and take the time to do things on your own.

Manly Compromises

Make decisions with some manly input. Don't just say yes to every chick flick and fondue night that she wants; Come up with your own ideas for dates, such as rock climbing or biking that you know she will enjoy. And, if you're living together, try to keep some masculine touches in the design aspects of the place.