The National Museum of American History has acquired the 34-year old soft-serve machine that was modified and first used to mass-produce frozen margaritas.

"I have a pretty fertile imagination. I have big dreams," stated Mariano Martinez, the owner Mariano Hacienda, the Dallas restaurant where the margaritas were made. "But this is beyond what I ever imagined."

In 1971, Martinez had hopes that margaritas would make his eatery unique. But, his bartenders were unable to squeeze enough limes or blend the frosty drinks fast enough. In addition, customers complained that the drink wasn't consistent and wasn't cold.

Drawing his inspiration from a 7-11 Slurpee machine, he got a soft-serve ice cream machine and began mixing.

"To us, it's a story about American innovation and entrepreneurial spirit," stated Rayna Green, the curator of the National Museum of American History.