You hear about all the places that are great for meeting women. But, with all the competition at the usual bars, your chances are slim to none. This weekend, instead of heading to the same places as every other single guy in your area, try something different. You may just leave with a number or two.

The Gym
Try a workout class, like yoga and cycling. While it might not be as manly as you're used to, you can be assured that the room will be filled with sweaty, toned women. While you work out, make eye contact with the woman who catches your eye mid routine. If she seems interested, approach her after class and ask her if she'd like to join you for an energy drink.

A Cooking Class
Meet a potential girlfriend while also learning to whip up a great meal. It will show her you are willing to take on new things and are able to cook her a great meal.

Local Gay Bar
Unconventional? Maybe. Untapped resource? Yes. Before you say no, remember that most of the men there won't be looking for a girlfriend and any girl who hangs out at a gay club can be deemed openminded. Plus, less competition means more of a chance for you.

The Grocery Store
Everyone swears by this locale. The key is to go alone and be on the lookout for the opportunity to start chatting up a lucky lady. You also might catch her in her natural beauty, sans makeup, so you can do an unbiased assessment of her looks in fluorescent lighting so you know that she is a keeper.