Mischa Barton, the 19-year-old star of The O.C., has recently split from Brandon Davis, 22. The couple, who began dating in April 2004, parted prior to Barton leaving for Rome to begin filming Decameron with Hayden Christensen.

According to a source as told to Star, "They broke up after things began winding down and they started reevaluating their relationship. But it was Mischa who broke it off, for a few reasons: Brandon doesn't have any real money of his own; it's all his family's. She wasn't happy that Brandon didn't have any of his own money, and that he'd have to go to his mother Nancy all the time for money. She thought it was ridiculous that a man would have to go to his mom each month for money."

Also, as the source also told Star, in the weeks leading up to Mischa's departure for Italy, Brandon began to show jealousy that she would be shooting alongside Christensen, and Mischa found this silly.

Another thing considered a nail in their relationship's coffin was Brandon's lack of fame, which she thought didn't bode well for her career.
"Mischa realized that the only reason he gets any attention is because he was with her.She's better off with another actor, who could do things for her career."
According to Mischa's rep as told to Star, "Mischa is opting not to comment on her personal life as she's currently on-location in Europe filming a movie during her summer hiatus from The O.C."