Mandy Moore has recently signed on to star in a new movie (a romantic comedy, of course) to be directed by Justin Theroux (an actor who once played the Evil DJ in ZOOLANDER).

In the film, Moore will star as an illustrator of children's books who is forced to collaborate with a very harsh writer to be played by actor Billy Crudup (BIG FISH, ALMOST FAMOUS). Mia Farrow will play Moore's overbearing mother, and Bob Balaban (of the 70's hit CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND) will play a supporting role as the book editor.

Entitled DEDICATION, this will be the directing debut for Theroux, who also wrote the script for the newest Ben Stiller comedy. So, while an actor turned director might be able to pull off the show, it has yet to been seen whether or not a pop-star turned actress will actually work (although it did, surprisingly, in last years movie SAVED).