While many men dream of one day owning a Rot, Lab or Bulldog, due to housing or relationship situations, you might wind up with a lap dog. And don't be ashamed if you do, in the past couple of years it has become more acceptable to roll with a yorkie or maltese. If you are still worried it might effect your swagger, find some ways to use it to your advantage.

Walk It Out. Take the dog out for a walk and, if you are single and a woman walks by, she will be sure to stop, so this is a win-win situation for you. Let her ask for the name of the dog and use this chance to make conversation. If you aren't interested in the girl, tell her the name, smile and keep walking. If a guy passes and gives you "the look," shrug and say the dog is your girlfriend's.

Hang at the Dog Park. Look online around your area for where to find a dog park in your neighborhood. This can be the perfect place to not only meet some friends, but some pretty women who will be sure to talk to you. Instantly you will both have something in common and it will spur dialogue.

Photo-op It. If you have Myspace or Facebook, take some photos with your dog and display them. Don't be surprised if you start getting your inbox flooded with messages from girls who want to be your "friend."