Whether you have seen a prostitute before in passing, in a film, or in a hotel, this week in Rio de Janerio they are making headlines for a completely different reason than you might be thinking (and we do know exactly what you are thinking).

The biannual Fashion Rio Show is known for bringing in big names and tiny figures, such as Giselle Bundchen. However, this year, it was a group of local sex workers who were causing all the buzz. An ex-prostitute and AID's activist, Gabriela Leite, was quoted as saying that they made no mistake in running their show on the same night as the biggest night for Fashion Rio.

With their own fashion line of short skirts and tiny tops, Leite's group chose a play on words for their clothing brand Daspu, using the term "das putas" (meaning of or by whores), to put an ironic spin on the exclusive and expensive Brazilian brand Daslu. "This fashion show today makes up part of our fall/winter collection that is not on the official agenda of Fashion Rio because we were never invited. Once again, social responsibility does not appear where it should appear," she says.

Daspu's line has not only been inspired by prostitutes, but also by celebs like Pablo Picasso, Madonna, Toulouse Lautrec and Sting.
During the show, prostitutes and hired models walked through an alley on a makeshift catwalk in Rio's red light district and (in true style) threw condoms to the audience.

All we have to say is it's a win-win situation. Whether the audience watched the professionals on the catwalk at Fashion Rio, or the "professionals" on the other catwalk, they definitley got their fill of hot eye candy. We only wish we could have been there to buy one of their tiny shirts that states, "Good women go to heaven, bad women go anywhere else."