For football fans, nothing is more exciting than game day. Unfortunately, unless you want to miss key moments from your fave team's match-up, you can only watch one game at a time. At least that's how it used to be. Now, thanks to NFL RedZone, you can see all the important plays without having to go crazy flipping from game to game.

The new channel, brought to football fans by the NFL Network, keeps you in the game, live and in HD each Sunday. "Each week, NFL RedZone takes the guess work out of trying to keep up with all the games. The channel is designed to deliver the touchdowns and most important moments during all the Sunday afternoon games. When a team gets inside the 20 yard line, NFL RedZone will take you there."

Scott Hanson, who you might already know from NFL Network, hosts the game day action. He'll take from game to game and let you know when an important play is taking place. He'll also give you the most recent fantasy stats, extended game play highlights, key interceptions, long passes that end in an exciting touchdown, goal line stands, breakout runs, and much more.