Don't let the recession bring your dating life down. Plan a memorable date that will still "wow" her on virtually no money. Who said being romantic had to cost a lot of money? Sometimes the best things in life are free. Here are some hot date ideas that will weather the hardest of times:

1.Picnic: Pack some sandwiches, snacks and some drinks and head to a neighborhood park or downtown area. She will be impressed with your thoughtfullness and the setting will make for some great conversation. Plan it for later in the day so you can watch the sun set together.

2.Bookstore: With no required fee to enter, the bookstore can become your new dating oasis. Stroll through the aisles together, grab some coffee and read passages to each other to pass the time.

3.Free Concerts/Museums: Look online or in the paper for any free concerts or events happening in your area. You'll be surprised at how many things you can do for free. Combine that picnic idea with a concert for a two-in-one and don't forget some wine in your cooler.

4.Outdoor Sports: Whether you go jogging together, throw around the football or ride bikes, all of these activities cost nothing but have loads of fun potential. And you can bet that you will be one of the few guys who has taken her on such a creative and fun date.

5.Windowshopping: Turn window shopping into a sport. Lounge on an outside bench, stroll through antique shoppes and people watch. This activity will give you guys plenty to discuss and will cost you next to nothing.