Yeah. So you and this chick are standing next to one another and all you know is she's kind of cute. You know you want to talk to her but have no idea if she will give you the time of day.

Shoot. What do you have to loose. A dog walks by, make a comment about how cute / not so cute the dog is. If she responds or smiles / giggles, then ask her about her animals. Great conversation starter. If she is without an animal or makes any sort of comment about disliking them altogether, move on. Change the subject to the weather or state the obvious about whatever situation you are in (at that moment.)

Conversations are so easy to start, keeping them going can sometimes be a challenge in itself. The key there is keep changing the subject. Make a comment about why you are at the same place she is at or say the cute thing that your little niece told you last night (and you were JUST thinking about that, like it JUST popped into your head) or compliment her style or shoes.

Go for it. The more conversations you strike up, the more natural it will become to you. See each little bit of rejection (if EVER there is any) as a learning curve and go for the next pitch as soon as possible. Good luck!