There are a couple of ways you can get rid of your crap; you can chuck it in the trash, make a visit to Goodwill, or try to hock it on eBay or Craigslist. Unfortunately, it can take time and money to properly sell your item, which is a hassle when you are trying to become an ultimate master of Rock Band. If you want to dodge putting in much effort, visit and trade your "junk" into someone else's treasure (or vice versa).

Swaptree is a site where you can trade books, music, movies and video games that you don't want, for the books, CDs, DVDs, video games that you do want, for free. With swaptree's multiple-way trade algorithms, they instantly show you thousands of items that you could receive in trade for any item. This saves you time that you don't spend searching for potential trades, negotiating a trade with another user, or messing with some sort of point system. Just list some items that you want to trade and swaptree will show you everything you can get for them.

Swaptree allows you to print accurate postage and perfect mailing labels directly from the site so you don't worry about calculating the weight, or entering the correct shipping or return address. Just print a mailing label from your computer, put your item in your envelope, and place it in your mailbox. It does mean that you will have to get off of your couch, but only to walk to the mailbox.

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