Did you know that the Barnacle has the biggest penis of all animals? It's gets as big as their whole body! Sometimes BIGGER!! Wow. Why? Because they can't move so their penises have to really go the distance! They are also hermaphrodites and can make quite a circle jerk. EEW that's so nasty!

Other fascinating sea facts?

The Deep Sea Angler females have quite a bit to complain about. Male Anglers start out as their equals in their "nursery," in the kelp bed canopies. But when it's time to take the big dive to the deep blue sea, they grab hold of a female, latch on for good and eventually become nothing more than a sack of gonads! Where have I heard that before?

And the Sheephead fish, she starts out a she every time. When the territory looses a male, the biggest (super female) jumps sex and becomes the "man of the reef." And she - I mean he - doesn't even need a surgeon! Jerry Springer's got nothing on the ocean!