If you didn't get your gore fix from Hostel, then you'll be happy to know that a sequel is in the works. Eli Roth, the film's writer/director, has told MTV that he's in the process of writing Hostel 2.

This time around the film will focus on three girls, which was an idea suggested by Quentin Tarantino." They're studying in Italy for the summer, and they get lured, and they go back to well, we're going to go back to a lot of familiar places," said Roth.

Even though this time the hostel will be in Italy, it looks like it's related to the first because Roth has revealed that the original Slovakian hostel is part of a chain!" It's all part of the organization; they've got the whole thing set up all over the place, and they have different scouts. We're going to learn a lot more about how it all works. In Hostel 2,' you're really going to see the ins and outs of the whole organization and how they get people and kill them."

Guess what Paxton, played by Jay Hernandez, will be back for the sequel. Apparently he didn't learn his lesson in the first film and will find himself sucked right back into the whole thing.

"Jay has a few less fingers, so it might be difficult for him to blend in," said Roth. "But yeah, he's not out of the woods yet." How will it start? Well, the sequel will begin where the original left off.

"Hostel 2' is going to start literally with the next cut, and you're going to see [Paxton] at the same time. You'll see that he's totally messed-up from the experience. It's completely wrecked him, and his life is in ruins."

Roth hopes to start shooting the film in August and plans to release it in January 2007.