You may not know this, but the Mile High Club isn't just a made up club that horny passengers use as an excuse to get it on mid-air in one of those cramped airplane bathrooms. It's for real. At least according to

Not already a member? Wanna learn how to join? The website offers tips on how to join the legendary club. The first thing you need to do is book a flight. It doesn't have to be long or to anywhere in particular, you just need to get yourself on a plane. If you can't find a willing partner, and are traveling alone, you'll have to find someone else on the flight who may want to help you join.

When you get to the airport, look for another solo passenger who you think won't mind shedding their inhibitions and their clothes. If you aren't seated next to her, use your charm to finagle your way into a closer seat.

Once you're close, it's your chance to move in on her. Make sure to have your pillow and blanket ready, because unless you want to try to prop yourself up on the toilet, you can go at it right there in your seat.
If you really want to make your membership official, don't start anything until you are around 5,280ft AGL off the ground, which is one mile in the air.

When you visit the site, make sure you also check out the hilarious rules and regulations section, as well as the story of the Club's founding member. Oh yeah, you also don't want to miss some of the stories on there, too, that you can find in the 'Tales Of The Mile High Club section.