Ah, Valentine's Day. That magic time of year when your knees turn to mush, your credit card trembles, and your girl's thoughts turn to the lavish gifts she hopes to receive. Of course, you could always just buy her roses. (Unlike most repeat gifts, she probably won't throw a dozen American Beauties back in your face). Or, you could actually get her something original this year, even if pre-planning isn't your strong suit. But what? Before you start flagellating yourself from frustration, read on.

Take a snow day: If you live anywhere above the Mason-Dixon Line, there are probably ski slopes within a day's drive. Load your lady love in the car, shell out $70 a piece for slope passes (more if you spend the night or rent equipment), and spend the day snow-boarding together. If rolling around in the snow doesn't ignite sparks, snuggling in front of a roaring fire or floating in the ski lodge Jacuzzi certainly will.

Get dirty, then clean: The way to a man's heart may be through his stomach, but the way to a woman's is through her head. Buy her a book of erotica and run a sensual-smelling bubble bath for her to read it in. One of the 'Best American Erotica series should be a safe bet. Just be sure you're waiting with an extra-fluffy towel when she gets out of the bath.

Be her slave: Just for a day, take care of all the nitty-gritty for your best girl. Pick a day when you are both available, then bring her breakfast in bed, pick up her dry-cleaning, walk the dogs, and go fetch anything else her heart desires. Make a cutesy coupon for her to cash in when she's ready to play 'Queen for a Day. You should win super-big brownie points for this gift.

Play the songs of love: Buy her an MP3 player and pre-load it with a playlist of lovey "you and her" music. Keep in mind songs that may have relevance to experiences the two of you have shared, as well as anything that may be considered generally romantic. Portishead is a good stand-by.

Basically, try to find something that follows your girl's interests and doesn't require any skills or resources you don't have (i.e. don't knit her a scarf if you have to teach yourself how). Valentines Day is February 14th so, if we were you, we'd get started on finding that V-day gift right away. However, we know you won't really start shopping until late on February 13th, so Double Agent would like to wish you god speed and good luck. And, hey, if you can't whip out some last-minute originality, even with our help, there are always roses. (Just be original and don't go for red).