Apparently, a kiss means more than just a simple kiss, at least according to a new study that has been conducted. While you may be saying one thing with your words, your lips and kissing style may be telling her another story. Double check to ensure that your kissing strategy is not giving her the wrong signs.

A team from New York State University questioned more than 1,000 students and found that women feel that kissing means a lot to them, while men don't feel quite the same way. While this might see obvious, the researchers found that women use kissing to figure out more than a few things about their kissing partner; if they will make a good partner, if their intimacy level is where it should be, and to see how the relationship is doing.

Get ready to pucker up if you want to settle down. The study showed that women use kissing as a way to bond. When in a long-term relationship, women feel that kissing is very important, especially as the relationship progresses. When it comes to kisses and the two sexes, both prefer their own style. For instance, men like 'em hot, steamy, wet, and with a lot of tongue action. Dr. Gordon Gallup, the team's lead researcher, said that, over time, kissing can develop to the point where it is essential for the relationship. This might explain why women drunkenly kiss their best girl friends and claim it is because they "love each other."

Dr. Glenn Wilson, a relationship expert from the Institute of Psychiatry in London agrees. "Kissing is used by everyone as a bonding and testing mechanism," he said. "But the fact is women are more discriminatory than men. Men can just go out and spread their seed, but women have to take more responsibility because of the consequences and so they are likely to want to test more." If you want to stick it out for the long haul, and you want a potential partner to know it, bone up on your kissing technique because, what you can't say to her in words, can be communicated through your kiss.