The next time you take a road trip, it could be much easier for you. Less pit stops make for a better trip.A British couple recently explained how they drove all the way from the north of Scotland to the south of Italy without having to stop even once for a potty break. They owe it all to their portable toilet.

James Shippen, a biochemist, and his colleague Barbara May took close to a week to complete the trip by using what appears to be the first bathroom that has ever been installed in a car.

Called the Indipod, this invention was launch last year and costs roughly $555. It can be fitted in to the trunk of minivans and four-wheel-drive vehicles. Sounds great, right? Then read on.

An inflatable cabin is used, with a fan hooked up to the vehicle's cigarette lighter. All solid waste is dissolved by deodorant chemicals into a tank that can be emptied into regular toilets during the course of a trip.

Other than sounding just plain cool, the portable vehicle bathroom also has its advantages for those with diseases. The couple also wanted to draw attention to those who have illnesses such as Crohn's disease and colitis, which cause frequent pit stops and truly lengthen a car trip. The couple has the backing of associations that support sufferers.