Think of it as the yellow pages of web surfing, the web junkies little black book, or the poor man's Youtube. Introducing,, the site that lists every ridiculous, time-consuming, and hilarious web site page on the net.

This site has something no other site does: a way to organize your gratuitous surfing for efficiency and accuracy. No more Google searches using random key words like 'Japanese game shows,' 'skateboarding pit bulls,' and 'pillow fighting girls live' (yes, that's common), because does all the work for you. From "Adam Sandler's Secret" and videos of "Cops Chasing a Man from Trafalgar Square's Fountain," to photos of "Unfortunately Placed Ads" and "Dog Chasing a Sprinkler," this site has everything you need to get your midday boost.

With the ability to organize the site in several different ways, it's easy to make the page your own. Each link is prefaced with a "hits" counter, the time it was added, and a rating so that you can see what others think before you waste your own time. doesn't boast meaningful or academic information, instead it is a hodgepodge of all the witty, stupid, and strange sites that are floating in cyberspace.

While it won't make you smarter, it will make you the king of knowing random information and give you some great stories to tell the ladies.

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